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Novels, collections and omnibuses - index
The title indexes of novels & collections and of omnibuses (and -boxed- sets of books) are both in alphabetical order. Some books have not as such been published in the US, and are sorted on their foreign (transliterated) title.
The index of novels and collections has 92 titles and consists of: 60 novels, 1 novella, 1 novelette, 28 collections (6 non-US) and 2 fictional biographies. There are 29 omnibuses, most of them non-US.
Each book is on a separate page. Included are the cover scans of all the original and the translated editions.
See here for the index of translated titles per country.
The Book of PJF
Novels & Collections
1   Adventure of the Peerless Peer, The novel
2   Alley God, The collection
3   Avventurieri di Riverworld, Gli  (Italy) collection
4   Barnstormer in Oz, A novel
5   Behind the Walls of Terra novel
6   Best of Philip José Farmer, The collection
7   Blown novel
8   Book of Philip José Farmer, The collection
9   Cache, The collection
10   Cache from Outer Space novel
11   Caterpillar's Question, The [with Piers Anthony] novel
12   Celestial Blueprint, The collection
  Ciencia Ficción selección 31  (Spain) collection
14   City Beyond Play, The [with Danny Adams] novel
15   Classic Philip José Farmer 1952 - 1964, The collection
16   Classic Philip José Farmer 1964 - 1973, The collection
17   Dare novel
18   Dark Design, The novel
19   Dark Heart of Time, The (aka. Tarzan and the Dark Heart of Time) novel
20   Dark is the Sun novel
--   Day of Timestop, The ; see:Woman a Day, A  --
21   Dayworld novel
22   Dayworld Breakup novel
23   Dayworld Rebel novel
24   Dayworld: A Hole in Wednesday novel
25   Dienstagsmensch, Der  (Germany) collection
26   Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life biography
27   Down in the Black Gang collection
28   Efter King Kongs fall  (Sweden) collection
29   Escape From Loki novel
30   Evil in Pemberley House, The [with Win Scott Eckert] novel
31   Fabulous Riverboat, The novel
32   Father to the Stars collection
33   Feast Unknown, A novel
34   Fire and the Night novel
35   Flesh novel
36   Flight to Opar novel
37   Gate of Time, The (aka: Two Hawks from Earth) novel
38   Gates of Creation, The novel
39   Gods of Riverworld novel
40   Grand Adventure, The collection
41   Greatheart Silver novel
42   Greatheart Silver and Other Pulp Heroes collection
43   Green Odyssey, The novel
44   Hadon of Ancient Opar novel
45   Image of the Beast, The novel
46   Inside Outside novel
47   Ironcastle [by J.H. Rosny & Farmer] novel
48   Jesus on Mars novel
--   Keepers of the Secrets ; see: Mad Goblin, The  --
49   Lavalite World, The novel
50   Lord of the Trees novel
51   Lord Tyger novel
52   Love Song novel
53   Lovers, The novel
54   Mad Goblin, The (aka: Keepers of the Secrets) novel
55   Magic Labyrinth, The novel
56   Maker of Universes, The novel
57   More Than Fire novel
58   Naked Came the Farmer novel
59   Night of Light novel
60   Nothing Burns in Hell novel
61   Other Log of Phileas Fogg, The novel
62   Pearls from Peoria collection
63   Philip José Farmer (France) collection
64   Philip José Farmer Centennial Collection, The collection
65   Private Cosmos, A novel
66   Purple Book, The collection
67   Rastignac the Devil novella
68   Red Orc's Rage novel
69   Riders of the Purple Wage collection
70   River of Eternity novel
71   Riverworld and Other Stories collection
72   Riverworld War collection
73   Schockvisionen  (Germany) collection
74   Song of Kwasin, The (with Christopher Paul Carey) novel
75   Stations of the Nightmare novel
76   Stone God Awakens, The novel
77   Strange Relations collection
78   Tales of the Wold Newton Universe collection
79   Tarzan Alive biography
--   Tarzan and the Dark Heart of Time; see: Dark Heart of Time, The novel
80   They Twinkled Like Jewels novelette
81   Time's Last Gift novel
--   Timestop! ; see: Woman a Day, A  --
82   To Your Scattered Bodies Go novel
83   Tongues of the Moon novel
84   Traitor to the Living novel
--   Two Hawks from Earth ; see: Gate of Time, The  --
85   Unreasoning Mask, The novel
86   Up from the Bottomless Pit novel
87   Up from the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories collection
88   Up the Bright River collection
89   Venus on the Half-Shell novel
90   Venus on the Half-Shell and Others collection
91   Wind Whales of Ishmael, The novel
92   Woman a Day, A (aka: The Day of Timestop or Timestop!) novel
Omnibuses & Sets of Books/Boxes (sob)
1   Amants étrangers, Les - L'univers à l'envers (France) omnibus
2   Anni del precursore, Gli - L'inferno a rovescio - Lord Tyger - Doc Savage: una biografia apocalittica (Italy) omnibus
3   Bizarre Beziehungen (Germany) omnibus
4   Biznes Boga (Бизнес Бога) (Uzbekistan) omnibus
5   Deir (Дейр) (Russia) omnibus
6   Deira (Lithuania) omnibus
7   Drevnyaya Afrika  (Древняя Африка) (Russia) omnibus
8   Empire of the Nine, The (UK) omnibus
9   F.Farmer (Ф.Фармер) (Russia) omnibus
10   Fleisch (Germany) omnibus
11   Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa omnibus
12   Irrfahrten des Mr. Green, Die (Germany) omnibus
13   Konets Vremen (Конец Времен) (Russia) omnibus
14   Letayushchiye kity Ismaelya (Летающие киты Исмаэля) (Russia) omnibus
15   Lovers, The | Dark is the Sun | Riders of the Purple Wage omnibus
16   Maker of Universes, The | To Your Scattered Bodies Go |  Unreasoning Mask, The omnibus
17   Miry Filipa Farmera (Миры Филипа Фармера) (Russia) omnibus
18   Odisseya Grina (Одиссея Грина) (Russia) omnibus
19   Other in the Mirror, The omnibus
20   Pir potayennyy (Пир потаенный) (Russia) omnibus
21   Plot' (Плоть) (Ukraine) omnibus
22   Riverworld omnibus/sob
23   Strange Relations omnibus
24   Tam, po tu storonu... (Там, по ту сторону...) (Ukraine) omnibus
25   Temnoye serdtse vremeni (Темное сердце времени) (Russia) omnibus
26   Trilogia di Dayworld  (Italy) omnibus
27   Venera na polovine rakushki (Венера на половине ракушки) (Belarus) omnibus
28   Vrata vremeni (Врата времени) (Ukraine) omnibus
29   World of Tiers, The omnibus/sob

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