Short Fiction - Story Index
This title index contains all pieces of fiction—stories, poems, excerpts—that appeared as part of a larger publication: a magazine, fanzine or anthology. The index is in alphabetical order. Excerpts are not numbered (counted). Click on one of the letters to go to that position in the index.
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The Lovers
1   Adventure of the Three Madmen, The
2   After King Kong Fell
3   Alley Man, The
4   Attitudes
5   Beauty in this Iron Age  (poem)
6   Biological Revolt, The
7   Black Squirrel on Cottonwood Limb's Trip  (poem)
8   Blasphemers, The
9   Blind Rowers, The
10   Bowl Bigger than Earth, A
11   Brass and Gold
-- Captain's Daughter, The , see: Strange Compulsion
--   Casting Turtles (excerpt)
--   Caterpillar's Question, The (excerpt)
12   Celestial Blueprint, The
--   City Beyond Play, The [with Danny Adams] (excerpt)
13   Coda
14   Cougar by the Tail [with Tracy Knight]
15   Crossing the Dark River
16   Daughter
17   Day of the Great Shout
18   Doc Savage and the Cult of the Blue God
19   Doge Whose Barque Was Worse Than His Bight, The
20   Doll Game, The
21   Don't Wash the Carats
22   Down in the Black Gang
23   Down to Earth's Centre
24   Duo Miaule
25   Essence of the Poison, The
26   Evil, Be My Good
--   Evil in Pemberley House, The [with Win Scott Eckert] (excerpt)
27   Evil in Pemberley House - Outline, The
28   Evolution of Paul Eyre, The
--   Exclusive Interview with Lord Greystoke, An (see: Tarzan Lives)
29   Extracts from the Memors of "Lord Greystoke"
30   Fabulous Riverboat, The
31   Face that Launched a Thousand Eggs, The
32   Father
33   Father's in the Basement
34   Felled Star, The
35   Few Miles, A
36   First Robot, The
37   Frames, The
38   Freshman, The
39   Fundamental Issue
40   Getting Ready to Write [with Paul Spiteri]
41   God Business, The
42   Good But Not Good Enough  (poem)
43   Good of the Land, The
44   Greatheart Silver in Showdown at Shootout
45   Greatheart Silver in the First Command
46   Heel
47   Henry Miller Dawn Patrol, The
48   Hole in Hell, A
49   How Deep the Grooves
50   Hunter’s Moon
51   Imagination (poem)
52   Impotency of Bad Karma, The  (aka: Last Rise of Nick Adams, The)
53   In Common (poem)
54   It's the Queen of Darkness, Pal  (aka: Phantom of The Sewers, The)
55   J.C. on the Dude Ranch
56   Jesus on Mars
  Job's Leviathan (poem)
58   Jonathan Swift Somers III: Cosmic Traveller in a Wheelchair
59   Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod, The
60   Keep Your Mouth Shut
--   Kickaha's Escape (excerpt)
61   King of the Beasts, The
62   Kwasin and the Bear God [with Christopher Paul Carey]
--   Last Rise of Nick Adams, The , see: Impotency of Bad Karma, The
63   Leaser of Two Evils, The
64   Light-Hog Incident, The (excerpt)
--   Long Wet Purple Dream of Rip Van Winkle, The, see: Rip Van Winkle's Long Wet Dream
--   Love Song (excerpt)
65   Lovers, The
66   Making of Revelation, Part I, The
67   Many Dooms of Harorld Hall, The
--   Meister der Dimensionen (German excerpt)
68   Monologue
69   Monster on Hold, The
70   Moth and Rust
71   Mother
72   Mother Earth Wants You
--   My Father the Ripper (excerpt)
--   My Sister's Brother , see: Open to Me, My Sister
73   My Summer Husband
74   Naked Came the Farmer
75   Newly Born, Newly Dead
76   Night of Light, The
77   Nobody's Perfect
78   O'Brien and Obrenov
79   Obscure Life and Hard Times of Kilgore Trout, The
80   One Down, One to Go
81   Only Who Can Make a Tree?
82   Oogenesis of Bird City, The
83   Open to Me, My Sister (aka: My Sister's Brother)
84   Opening the Door
--   Ose (French extract)
85   Osiris on Crutches
86   Passing on
87   Peoria Night, A
--   Phantom of the Sewers, The , see: It's the Queen of Darkness, Pal
--   Plane Talking (excerpt)
88   Planet Pickers
89   Princess of Terra, The
90   Problem of the Sore Bridge - Among Others, The
91   Prometheus
92   Pterodactyl, The  (poem)
93   Queen of the Deep (aka: Son)
94   Rastignac the Devil
95   Rebels Unthawed, The
96   Return of Greatheart Silver, The
97   Riders of the Purple Wage
98   Rip Van Winkle's Long Wet Dream (aka. The Long Wet Purple Dream of Rip Van Winkle)
99   Rise Gotten, The
100   Riverworld
101   Riverworld War
--   Saigneur de la jungle, Le (French extract)
102   Sail On! Sail On!
103   Savage Shadow
104   Scarletin Study, A
105   Sestina of the Space Rocket  (poem)
106   Seventy Years of Decpop
--   Sexual Implications of the Charge of the Light Brigade (extract)
107   Shadow of Space, The
108   Sketches Among the Ruins of My Mind
109   Skinburn
  Sliced-Crosswise Only-on-Tuesday World, The
111   Some Fabulous Yonder
--   Son , see: Queen of the Deep
--   Song of Kwasin, The [with Christopher Paul Carey] (excerpt)
112   Song of Kwasin Outline, The
113   Spiders of the Purple Mage
114   Spy in the U.S. of Gonococcia, A
115   St. Francis Kisses His Ass Goodbye
116   Startouched, The
--   Stations of the Nightmare, see the separate entries of the parts: The Two-Edged GiftThe StartouchedThe Evolution of Paul Eyre and Passing on
--   Strange Birth, The , see: Open to Me, My Sister
  Strange Compulsion (aka: Captain's Daughter, The)
118   Strangers & Brothers: Francis Uquart
  Suicide Express, The
120   Sumerian Oath, The
121   Tarzan Lives (aka. An Exclusive Interview with Lord Greystoke)
122   Terminalization of J.G. Ballard, The
123   That Great Spanish Author, Ernesto
  They Twinkled Like Jewels
  Tongues of the Moon
  Totem and Taboo
  Towards the Beloved City
  Two-Edged Gift, The
129   Unnaturals, The
  UFO Versus IRS , see: Uranus or UFO Versus IRS
130   Up from the Bottomless Pit
  Up, Out and Over, Roger , see: Impotency of Bad Karma, The
  Up the Bright River
  Uproar in Acheron
  Uranus or UFO Versus IRS (aka: UFO Versus IRS)
  Venus on the Half-Shell
  Voice of the Sonar in My Vermiform Appendix, The
  Volcano, The
  What I Thought I Heard
  Wolf, Iron and Moth
  Wounded, The

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